The Power of Truth

Unveiling the Hidden Truth

Our journey begins with the revolutionary idea behind TagName, designed to manage unique, customizable tags. However, this vision was shattered by deceit when Y.Z., alongside his cousin A.S., allegedly stole the concept and established the company “D.”

Establishing the Company “D”

Y.Z. and A.S. registered puppet managers to mask their involvement. Through meticulous planning, they formed business connections that transformed the stolen idea into a robust application. Eventually, “D” became a leading DNS provider in Israel.

Business Connections and Expansion

The company’s growth was fueled by strategic partnerships they formed. These collaborations ensured the continued success of “D,” making it a key player in the DNS industry.

Shadowy Beginnings

“D” was registered on the same day as “GetName Ltd,” the company we initially formed to develop and patent our innovative idea. This synchronicity raises questions about the true origins of “D.”

The Singapore Connection

Y.Z. didn’t stop at establishing his company in Israel. He extended his reach to Singapore, recreating the patent and deceiving major corporations. His misrepresentation of the patent allowed him to gain significant traction in the business world.

A Family Affair

Interestingly, Y.Z.’s brother participated in the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens. Through the company born in deceit, “D,” Y.Z. contributed to the event, further intertwining his personal and professional lives.

Documentation and Support

Our supporters receive detailed documentation constructed from questions and answers with ChatGPT, revealing the full narrative. This includes the story, the characters involved, and the giant company behind the scheme (hint: it is not Google).

Call to Action

If you are a client of “D,” it’s essential to know that you may inadvertently be supporting an enterprise born from patent theft. We urge you to reconsider and support us in our mission to uphold innovation and integrity.

Join Us

Support TagName and become part of a community that values truth, innovation, and security. Together, we can ensure that justice prevails and innovation thrives.