Inception Amidst Adversity: Trust, Betrayal, and the Quest for Innovation


At the dawn of the new millennium, two young visionaries, propelled by passion and ambition, envisioned a revolutionary digital concept.
Placing trust in their then-IT teacher, YT, they set forth on what appeared to be a bright path. Yet lurking unseen were shadows of deceit.

Their innovation caught the attention of major tech players, sparking widespread excitement.
Behind the scenes, YT covertly redirected their original patent application, orchestrating its “legal” creation at a Singapore University.
This maneuver allowed him to misrepresent himself as the patent’s representative, misleading major corporations.

He further deepened his deceit by establishing a company (dtn), whose full name and deeper insights will be unveiled in our forums and upcoming social channels.
Placing puppet managers at the helm, he hid his direct involvement, distancing himself from the original innovators.

By the Athens Olympics in 2004,

clues began to surface, shedding light on YT’s intricate web of deceit.
This revelation bore testament to the undying spirit of truth, resilience, and the belief in the triumph of justice.
No matter the stature, no matter the reach, and no matter the effort to distort the truth — it invariably surfaces.
Stay tuned to our forum and upcoming social channels for more detailed insights.

Reclaiming the Digital Frontier: From Shadows to Triumph

From betrayal’s ashes rose TagName, symbolizing tenacity, resilience, and unyielding innovative spirit. This was not just about reclaiming an idea but about re-establishing a
vision set to revolutionize the digital world.


TagName: Tag the Net!

A twist on words, a play on intentions.
Our slogan might seem familiar, yet it’s distinct in its purpose. For those who wonder about the nuances, the deeper story awaits.

It stands as a testament that the heart of an idea — its true essence — remains untarnished.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.” – George Washington


Regardless of power or attempts to suppress, the truth stands unyielding. TagName, built on years of experience and lessons learned from adversities, signifies a transformative shift in DNS management and web navigation, aiming to make the digital realm more accessible and intuitive for all.


Unveiling TagName: The Dawn of a New Digital Age

Beyond a tag converter, TagName today heralds a seismic shift in DNS management and web navigation.
Built to dissolve linguistic and geopolitical barriers, TagName isn’t just a tool; it’s an essential one.

Groundbreaking Features:

  • Revolutionary DNS Management:
    A masterful orchestration of the digital domain.
  • Next-Gen Web Navigation:
    Experience the web like never before.
  • Universal Tags (ITN):
    Connecting digital worlds beyond language and location.
  • Country-Specific Shortcuts:
    The digital world, a keystroke away.

TagName in Action: Redefining Digital Accessibility

Our cutting-edge innovations pave the way.

Type ‘my’ in your language into the TagName bar, and seamlessly access your Google account.

This is just a hint of our commitment to a user-centric digital landscape.
And soon, a novel tagging system for local services across the globe is set to further redefine digital navigation.!
Stay tuned!

Join the Revolution: Be a Part of TagName’s Legacy

TagName encapsulates both our storied past and our visionary future.
With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we’re on a mission: to bridge digital divides and craft a unified digital realm.
Immerse yourself in our world. Engage in our forums, be part of our narrative, and experience the stories that have shaped our path.