About TagName

A Story of Truth, Justice, and Invention: The Journey of C. and K.

In the heart of the digital revolution, two passionate and ambitious students, C. and K., envisioned a groundbreaking digital concept that promised to redefine how we navigate the internet. This journey began with their IT teacher, Y.Z., who initially showed great interest in their idea. Together, they embarked on what seemed like a promising path.

The Spark of Innovation

C. and K. worked tirelessly to develop their revolutionary idea. They collaborated with Y.Z., who suggested involving his cousin, A.S., a businessman with extensive connections. Together, all of us established a company named Getname, aiming to transform the digital landscape.

Betrayal in the Shadows

However, what started as a promising collaboration soon turned into a nightmare. Behind the scenes, Y.Z. secretly submitted their original patent to a university in Singapore, presenting himself as the patent’s representative. He misled major corporations and even secured a deal with a tech giant to sell the idea, all while informing C. and K. that he was stepping away from the project.

Uncovering the Deception

By the time of the Athens Olympics in 2004, hints of Y.Z.’s intricate web of deceit began to surface. C. and K. discovered that Y.Z. and A.S. were running a successful business behind their backs, hiding all evidence of their involvement in the original project. Y.Z. was very clever and managed to hide his deceit for many years, but fortunately, in the ChatGPT era, it was relatively easy to discover what we couldn’t for two decades, including all the steps they had taken to disguise themselves. The facts we have discovered 20 years later have shocked us. We have kept screenshots of all these chats. Here is an example of one of them:

Here, a screenshot of ChatGPT revealing Ilan Karon from Microsoft and his involvement in the IDN development will be included.

Rising from the Ashes: The Birth of TagName

Despite these challenges, C. and K. persevered. Out of the betrayal and hardships, TagName emerged as a symbol of resilience and unwavering determination. It was no longer just about reclaiming an idea but about reinventing a vision meant to revolutionize the digital world.

TagName: Tag The Net

A play on words and intentions, our slogan might sound familiar, but it is unique in its purpose. For those curious about the nuances, the full story awaits.

TagName today represents a fundamental shift in DNS management and web navigation, designed to overcome linguistic and geopolitical barriers. It’s a vital tool, not just a utility.

Groundbreaking Features:

  • Revolutionary DNS Management: Masterful orchestration of the digital domain.
  • Next-Gen Web Navigation: Experience the internet from a user-centric perspective.
  • Universal Tags (ITN): Bridging digital divides beyond language and location.
  • Country-Specific Shortcuts: Bringing the digital world to your fingertips with a single keystroke.

TagName in Action: Redefining Digital Accessibility

Our cutting-edge innovations pave the way. Type ‘peace’ in any language into the TagName bar, and seamlessly access your Google account. This is just a hint of our commitment to a user-centric digital landscape. Soon, a novel tagging system for local services across the globe will further redefine digital navigation.

Join the Revolution: Be Part of TagName’s Legacy

TagName embodies both our storied past and our visionary future. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we’re on a mission: to bridge digital divides and create a unified digital realm. Join us, be part of our story, and experience the tales that have shaped our journey.

How to Support?

We invite you to donate and help us fight for truth and justice. Your support is not only for the idea that was adopted and developed into the current technology but also for the story we are telling the world, support for truth and justice!