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What is a TagName?
A TagName is not just a link; it’s a dynamic gateway to your digital presence.
Like an NFT, each TagName is unique, linking a specific word or phrase to a URL of your choice through an innovative, QR code-enhanced system.
This isn’t just a way to redirect internet traffic—it’s a method of claiming a piece of the digital world that is uniquely yours.

Why Choose TagName?

  • Exclusive Ownership:
    When you purchase a TagName, you own a unique word or phrase in the digital realm. Just as with an NFT, your ownership is exclusive, ensuring that no one else can use the same TagName in the same way.
  • Flexible Redirection:
    You have complete control over where your TagName directs users.
    Want to change the destination URL? No problem! Update it anytime to redirect visitors to new sites or pages as your needs evolve.
  • Constant Access:
    Each TagName comes with a permanently linked QR code and a dedicated word or phrase.
    Whether you change the destination URL daily or never at all, the entry point remains constant—easy to remember, easy to use.
  • Certification Page:
    With every TagName purchase, you receive a certification page hosted at[tagcode]/info.html.
    This page not only validates your ownership but also provides a permanent QR code that links to your chosen URL.
  • Enhanced Interactivity:
    Engage more effectively with your audience. Use your TagName in marketing materials, business cards, or social media.
    A quick scan of the QR code takes users directly to your linked content, enhancing user interaction and engagement.

How It Works

  1. Choose Your TagName:
    Select a word or phrase that best represents your brand or personal identity.
  2. Set Your URL:
    Link your TagName to any URL—your business homepage, a personal blog, a promotional campaign, or even a dynamic landing page.
  3. Use Anywhere:
    Embed the QR code on websites, in digital ads, or in print materials.
    Accessing your content becomes as simple as scanning the code or typing your TagName into the Tagname’s browser extension.

Change Anytime:
Decide you want to point your TagName somewhere new?
Just log in to your account, and update your URL instantly—no hassle, no wait.

A Tool for Everyone
Whether you’re a business looking to strengthen your brand, a content creator aiming to streamline access to your work, or an individual seeking a unique way to connect with others, TagName provides a powerful, personalized tool to enhance your online presence.

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