How to Obtain Tag Certification and QR Code for an Existing Tag

If you need to verify the details or obtain a certification page and QR code for an existing tag in the TagName system, you can follow these step-by-step instructions to access the relevant information.

Step 1: Check Tag Availability

  1. Open the Availability Check Page: Start by visiting the TagName availability check page. You can access this page by navigating to
  2. Enter the Tag: Type the TagName you are interested in into the search box provided on the page. This will check if the tag is already in use within the system.

Step 2: Access Tag Information

  • If the Tag Is Taken: If the tag is already taken, the system will display the TagCode associated with it. This code is unique to each TagName and is used to uniquely identify it within the system.

Step 3: Obtain Certification and QR Code

  1. Navigate to the Tag’s Information Page: Using the TagCode obtained from the availability check, you can access the tag’s certification page. Type or paste the following URL into your browser, replacing [tagcode] with the actual TagCode you obtained:[tagcode]/info.html.
  2. View Tag Details and QR Code: On this page, you will find the certification details for the tag, which verifies its authenticity and registration within the TagName system. Additionally, a QR code will be displayed, which can be used to quickly access the tag’s associated content or information.

Additional Tips:

  • Bookmark or Save the URL: If you frequently need to check the information for various TagNames, consider bookmarking the availability check page and the template URL for quick access.
  • Direct Access: If you know the TagCode for a TagName, you can directly navigate to the certification page without going through the availability check by using the specific URL format mentioned in step 3.
  • Use the TagName Browser: As a useful alternative, you can also type “check” into your TagName-enabled browser to access the availability check page directly. This can be a quick way to initiate searches without needing to bookmark the URL.

By following these steps, you can easily obtain all necessary information regarding any existing TagNames within the system, ensuring that you have access to verified details and functional QR codes for your needs.