Tagit: Together We Succeed!

Tagit is an innovative service that offers the rental of unique usernames that direct to customized internet addresses using words. In other words, we turn complex and lengthy links into accessible words. These words are called “tags”.

About Tagit – Introduction A story of truth, justice, and invention: our journey – Kobi and Chen.

At the beginning of the millennium and at the heart of the digital revolution, we, two passionate and ambitious students, managed to implement a groundbreaking digital idea that promised to change the way we navigate the internet. Our journey began with our then-computer teacher, Y.Z., who initially showed great interest in our idea. Together, we set off on a path that seemed promising.

We worked tirelessly to develop our revolutionary idea. We collaborated with Y.Z., who conditioned the involvement of his cousin, A.S., a businessman with extensive connections. Together, we founded a company named GetName, with the aim of changing the digital landscape.

However, what began as a promising collaboration turned into a nightmare. Behind the scenes, Y.Z. secretly submitted our original patent to a university in Singapore, presenting himself as the patent representative. He misled major corporations and even closed a deal with a tech giant using our idea, all while informing us that he was ceasing work on the project and that the tech giant had rejected the idea. In reality, not only did the tech giant not reject the idea, but they were very enthusiastic about it and adopted it into a sustainable international product.

During the Athens Olympics in 2004, hints of Y.Z.’s intricate deception began to emerge. We discovered that Y.Z. and A.S. were running a successful business behind our backs, hiding all evidence of their involvement in the original project. Y.Z. was very sophisticated and managed to hide his deceit for many years. Fortunately, in the era of ChatGPT, it was relatively easy for us to discover what we had failed to uncover for two decades, including all the steps they took to disguise themselves. The facts we discovered 20 years later did not surprise us but struck us again with what we already knew but could not prove. We kept screenshots of all these conversations. Here is an example of one:

(*In the thank-you letter and documents, a screenshot of ChatGPT revealing A.K. from company XX and his involvement in the patent development will be added.)

Despite these challenges, we persevered. From betrayal, disappointment, and hardships, “Tagit” emerged as a symbol of resilience and unwavering determination. It was no longer just about reclaiming an idea but about renewing a vision meant to revolutionize the digital world and adapt it to today’s technology.

The service focuses on providing solutions for businesses and individuals who want to make it easier for their clients to access important content online but holds many additional services (as the method relies on DNS rather than a database).

Additionally, we found a way to tag any QR code with a unique word that gives it a framework. This capability opens the door to many diverse and fascinating developments, including in the NFT world. (Details can be found in an article on the website)

Download the Trial App: You can download our trial app, “TagName Navigator,” from the Google app store. You can also type “app” or “application” in the system to reach the download page.

Example: Type the word in the app: “Efrat”. You should reach a song dedicated to Efrat. This is what we call a “personal tag”.

*The app is in early development stages. Please disregard the graphics. The scanner in the app demonstrates scanning numbers and the ability to bypass QR code scanning. Therefore, the scanner in the app currently scans numbers only for development purposes. A QR code scanner will be added to the app later.

Try activating the scanner in the app (bear with the poor graphics, as payment for a graphic designer is part of what we are raising funds for) and scan the numbers only: The attached code is associated with the word “Efrat” and leads to a dedicated and beloved song by Leonard Cohen: 26689121849184858647.

To use the tag “Efrat,” you can:

  1. Type “Efrat” in the system (on the website, browser extension, or app)
  2. Scan the numbers through the scanner in the app
  3. View ownership details of the tag on the ownership page created when the tag is generated.
  4. The tag owner of “Efrat” can assign it to any internet address and update it to another address at any time.

To view the patent, type “patent” in the system.

So … What is Tagit?

Tagit is a service that rents unique usernames (tags) with the ability to direct the address to any desired website. Each tag has its own tag code that directs directly to an info page containing information and details about the name. The destination of the tag can be changed in the Tagit members system at any time. This way, we eliminate the use of links and can transfer them through a spoken word to another user who easily and securely arrives.

Problem and Solution

Problem: Businesses and individuals find it difficult to direct clients to precise content online in a simple and quick manner. Long and complex internet addresses make it hard for surfers to remember and reach the desired sites, which can lead to loss of customers and reduced revenue.

Solution: Tagit offers a simple and efficient solution by renting unique names and tag codes. The service allows creating short and unforgettable links that direct straight to the desired web page. The destination of the tag can be changed at any time, allowing maximum flexibility for businesses and private users.

Unique Value Proposition of Tagit

Unique Names: Each tag is unique and cannot be reused, ensuring that every user receives a single, unique name.

Personalized Tag Code: Each tag has its own tag code that can be easily scanned with a mobile phone, enabling quick and simple redirection.

Flexible Service: The destination of the tag can be changed at any time through the Tagit members system, allowing businesses and private users to adapt the links to changing needs.

User-Friendly: The process of activating the tag and changing the destination is simple and convenient, requiring no advanced technical knowledge.

Safety: Tagit ensures that all addresses are safe and free from malicious sites. Users will feel safe scanning a tag code that also has a safety certificate for safe browsing without viruses or harmful ads.

Internet Promotion: Each tag comes with a personalized info page that can be used to promote your site and increase visibility in search engines.

Search Savings: Tagit eliminates the need for Google searches. If you type the exact tag they wanted to ask you for, you will reach the desired site directly without additional searching.

Control Over Document Access: VIP users can generate simple and short addresses for documents with complex and untypeable URLs. This way, they can use tags like “my last document” or “document2” to facilitate access to documents.

Quick Access to Important Documents and Demonstration: If you type the word “Headstart” in the system, you will reach this page.

How will the money be used at the beginning?

System Development: Creating a user-friendly system that allows renting tags and easily changing destinations.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Thorough testing to ensure the quality of the service and the system.

Marketing: Marketing campaigns and launch promotions to increase brand awareness and reach a broad user base.

Operations and Customer Service: Providing quality and accessible customer service to quickly respond to any question or problem.

Development and Integration of Hosting and SEO Services: Developing basic hosting packages with WordPress for small businesses, and SEO services to improve visibility and performance in search engines.

Support for Multiple Languages and International Marketing: Adapting the system to different languages and cultures, and building marketing strategies tailored to international markets.

Target Market and Opportunities

Target Market:

Small and Medium Businesses: Businesses seeking to improve their visibility online and direct clients to their websites in a simple and quick manner.

Freelancers: Professionals in marketing, art, education, etc., who want to promote their content effectively.

Private Users: Individuals who want to share links to personal websites, blogs, videos, and more.


Global Market: The global market for personalized referral services is growing rapidly and includes significant potential for high profits.

Marketing and Sales Plan

Marketing Strategy:

Digital Marketing: Using social media, sponsored advertising, and search engine marketing to increase brand awareness and reach broad audiences.

Content Marketing: Creating high-quality and interesting content that will attract customers and increase the visibility of Tagit online.

Collaborations: Collaborating with local businesses and organizations to promote the service and increase the number of customers.

Sales Plan:

Special Offers: Offering special prices and rewards for early supporters.

Launch Promotions: Special promotions towards the launch to encourage customers to try the service.

Customer Service: Providing quality and accessible customer service to quickly respond to any question or problem.

Product Development Plan

Stage 1: Launching the tag rental service and tag codes.

System Development: Creating a user-friendly system that allows renting tags and easily changing destinations.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Thorough testing to ensure the quality of the service and the system.

Stage 2: Development and integration of hosting and SEO services.

Basic Hosting Services: Developing basic hosting packages with WordPress for small businesses.

SEO Services: Professional consultation and SEO services to improve visibility and performance in search engines.

Stage 3: Expanding the service to international markets.

Support for Multiple Languages: Adapting the system to different languages and cultures.

International Marketing: Building marketing strategies tailored to international markets.

Summary and Invitation to Support

Tagit is an innovative service with enormous potential in the personalized referral market. We invite you to join us and support a project that will change the way businesses and individuals direct clients to their content online. Together we can lead Tagit to success and make it a leading service in the global market.

Supporting us is not just supporting a project and giving us the ability to start the company, but it is also a vote of confidence in us and our story. Since the statute of limitations prevents us from acting and since we are looking to the future and not to settling accounts, we will provide our supporters with the full story, including names, places, events, and documents. Subsequently, to avoid a defamation lawsuit, we will attach screenshots of our conversations with ChatGPT. You just need to read. We are sure you will understand.

Best regards, The Tagit Team (Kobi, Chen, Rotem, Noy, Ron, Yehonatan)

Setting an Initial Goal: Set a goal of 100,000 NIS and state that this is the initial goal for funding the development and launch of the system.

Preparing Stretch Goals: Define stretch goals and describe them on the campaign page so that supporters know what will be done with the additional funds raised beyond the initial goal. For example:

Stretch Goal 1: 150,000 NIS – Improving the app’s graphics

Stretch Goal 2: 200,000 NIS – Developing a QR scanner

Stretch Goal 3: 300,000 NIS – Expanding the market to international markets