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Your Word, Your URL!
In today’s digital age, personalization and quick access are not just conveniences—they are expectations. With TagName, you can meet and surpass these expectations by transforming any word or phrase into a gateway to your online world. Whether you are an individual looking to manage your digital footprint, or a business aiming to streamline customer interaction, TagName offers a revolutionary way to connect with your audience.
What is TagName?

TagName is an innovative service that allows you to associate any word or phrase with a unique QR code that links directly to a URL of your choice. This means that you can choose a word that represents your brand, project, or personal identity and link it to any webpage, whether it’s your personal blog, a product page, or a digital business card.

But that’s not all—typing the word itself in a supported platform or service leads directly to the same destination as scanning the QR code. This dual-access mechanism ensures that you and your audience can always connect, whether through traditional online navigation or through the futuristic simplicity of QR technology.
How Does It Work?

Choose Your TagName: Select a word or phrase that best represents the content or service you want to link. This could be your name, your business’s name, a special campaign phrase, or any creative label you devise.

Register and Link: Once you choose your TagName, you register it with our service. During registration, you’ll link your TagName to any URL you specify. This could be the homepage of your website, a promotional page, or any digital platform that supports your objectives.

Receive Your QR Code: After registration, TagName generates a personalized QR code for your chosen word or phrase. This QR code is uniquely yours, and anyone who scans it with a smartphone or a QR-compatible device will be directed to your linked URL.

Integration and Accessibility: You can integrate your TagName QR code into marketing materials, business cards, advertisements, or even on social media profiles. Meanwhile, simply typing the TagName into our supported platforms will also direct users to your linked URL.

Why Choose TagName?

Instant Brand Recognition: By using a word or phrase that resonates with your brand, you enhance brand recall every time the code is scanned or the word is entered.

Ease of Access: With just a scan or a word type, your audience can access your digital content more quickly than ever before, eliminating the need for lengthy URLs or complex navigation.

Versatility and Creativity: The flexibility to link to any URL means that you can change the destination as needed without changing your TagName or QR code, making it perfect for temporary promotions, seasonal content, or evolving marketing strategies.

Enhanced User Experience: Simplify the user journey with a single scan or keyword, enhancing the overall user experience and boosting user satisfaction.

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