🌐 TagName Shortcuts 🌐

The shortcuts currently available in the system are temporary and will receive their finalized code by the end of 2023.
Make sure to read the updated list of shortcuts, by clicking on your flag.

🔍 About TagName Shortcuts 🔍

TagName’s browser extension revolutionizes the way users navigate the web.
By installing our extension, users get instant access to a curated list of shortcuts that correspond to popular websites and services.
This eliminates the need for typing or searching for URLs.
With TagName shortcuts, web navigation becomes as simple as entering a shortcut in the browser’s address bar to immediately go to the corresponding site.

🌟 Benefits 🌟

    • 🚀 Efficiency: No more tedious typing or copy-pasting of URLs.
      A shortcut does it all!


    • ⚡ Speed:
      Navigate to your favorite sites faster than ever before.


    • 🛋️ Convenience:
      All your favorite websites are just a shortcut away.


    • 🔧 Customization:
      Users can customize and add new shortcuts that suit their needs.


    • 🎯 Ease of Use:
      Extremely user-friendly; no technical skills required.


    • 🛡️ Safety:
      Trusted and verified websites only, minimizing the risk of visiting harmful sites.


🎯 How It Works 🎯

Since the TagName system is based on DNS, there is no memory used for actions, and no data is being installed on your side!
A small and efficient browser extension will make your life much easier with navigating the web.
Simply enter the shortcut into the address bar, and the browser will redirect to the corresponding website.
For example, typing yt would immediately redirect to YouTube, and ny would take you to The New York Times.

📜 See the List of Shortcuts 📜

To view the complete list of available shortcuts, click here.

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More countries entering soon